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Antivirus & Security Setup (Windows)

Don't leave your computer defenseless. We'll keep your new system safe by installing antivirus and security software.


Business Network or Server Problems

From Exchange email to file sharing, printing or collaboration services, with Geek Labs on the job just have to sit back and relax while our Geeks take care of your server problems and make sure that your servers are executing an optimum performance 24/7. Our Tech Support professionals will configure, repair or upgrade your servers. We'll have people in your business connecting and back to work.


Computer Setup (new)

Need Geek Labs to unpack it, plug it all in, power-up and connect your printer, get internet working and configure email? Oh... and don't leave your computer defenseless. We'll keep your new system safe by installing antivirus and security software.


Computer Starting Problems

Repair any operating system issue that stops your computer from starting - boot issues, blue screens, etc., using Geek Lab tools. Provide you with an estimated cost for hardware repair or any upgrade needed to provide a complete solution.


Data and System Backup

As our parents would say - 'better safe than sorry', and avoid the need to invent new swear words. Call Geek Labs and we'll setup your system so that in case of the unspeakable happens, you have your computer back to where it was in no time and without breaking a sweat!


Data Recovery from crashed Hard Drive

If you've deleted stuff accidently or your hard drive has crashed, no need to invent new swear words, call Geek Labs! We'll attempt to recover lost files from your hard drive, flash drive, memory card or just about any device that stores data.


Email & Internet Setup or Issues

Need to set up your email, or an internet connection? Not receiving email? Internet not connecting?
Geek Labs can install and setup or repair or configure to correct settings.


Hardware Installation or Repairs

Have a new hard drive, RAM, graphics card, printer, scanner? Geek Labs can help install any piece of hardware.

In need of Repairs - we can service most major brands and can handle almost any computer-related repair.


Macbook or Laptop LCD Screen Repair

Does your Macbook or Laptop screen have black or coloured lines or just gone blank? Call Geek Labs and we'll get it working again - just like new!


Password or Logon Problems

Forgotten your logon password? Or is your computer frustrating you with failed attempts. Geek Labs can reset that and have you back on your computer.


Printer Setup or Troubleshooting

Need your new printer installed, configured and shared? Or is printing out garble? Geek Labs can do all that and solve other printer related problems.


Software Install & Setup

Geek Labs can determine computer compatibility for the install or repair and configure your software. Software updates where required.


Virus & Spyware Removal (Windows)

Most infected computers can be cured. Let Geek Labs get your computer up and running again by removing viruses, malware, rootkits and spyware.


Wireless Networking
  Home networking is made simple with Geek Labs. Wireless connectivity in your home. We can setup your router and connect all suitable devices.
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